The deadline has passed and annotations have been deleted.
You can no longer submit anything to the archive.
This page will remain here so that links don't break, but it has no purpose beyond that. All functionality has been removed.

YouTube annotations archive channel submitter

What is this?

YouTube will be deleting all annotations on January 15th.

Most people remember annotations as overlays that creators put in videos to annoy you, or to take you somewhere you don't want to go when you click the video to pause it, but they were actually so much more. Here's an article showing off the life and death of annotations and some of the many creative uses they had.

You can contribute to the archiving effort by running your own worker server to help archive annotation data (instructions / github / discord),
but another way that you can help is by bringing to our attention some specific channels that you'd like to be archived.

How do I submit channels?

If there's a creator that you are a fan of, enter their YouTube username, channel ID, or channel URL here, and they'll be added to the archive.

One ID/name per line. Use Ctrl-Enter to submit.