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Coded entirely from scratch in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. No WYSIWYG editors. No templates. And no client-side frameworks: no Angular, no React and no jQuery.

Source code on GitHub.


Served to you by node.js (just HTTP, not Express),
storing data in SQLite,
with HTTPS certificates from Let's Encrypt,
available on a domain from Freenom,
delivered from a VPS by Vultr,
running Ubuntu as its operating system.

Font: Bariol by atipo foundry
Colours: read the css or use the web inspector or a colour picker

Server NPM dependencies: (loading...)
Resources served since 2018-06-24: (loading...)

Shoutouts to Discord, DuckDuckGo, StackOverflow, GitHub, ES6, Compose, and anyone who puts JavaScript in really silly places.

Super special shoutouts to free software for making this possible. :heart: